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Can You Still Turn a Profit by Flipping Houses?

For the last few decades, investors and individuals alike have spent their time and money purchasing, remodeling, and then re-selling homes for profit. Otherwise known as “flipping,” buying, fixing up, and selling a property can earn quick profits.

Despite the lure of the fast profits, real effort and savvy are necessary in order to be successful in the flipping process.

Take advantage of these tips for greater success in flipping houses:

1. Have some extra money in the bank. Many who flip houses pay cash for a property up front and then invest more funds to repair or remodel the home. So plenty of extra cash comes in handy so that you can pick up great deals without financing delays.

2. Being a hard worker is a must for greater profits. In the best of circumstances, you’ll want to start working on the property the day you buy it.

* First, clear out any clutter or garbage found inside the house.

* Next, do a walk-through of each room to determine what needs to be updated before you try to sell the property.

* You or your contractor will then make a list of building supplies needed to complete the work.

* Once the interior work is completed, it’s yard work time. A few bushes or flowers and maybe a small tree or two, and you’re ready to sell.

3. Know what buyers look for. You’ll need an eye for simple design and a vision for what the house needs to help it sell quickly. Will new flooring spiff it up? What about fresh paint on the interior walls? Your know-how and design sense can pay off big time when you plan to flip a property.

4. Do you have building or remodeling experience? If so, you stand to make some quick, cold, hard cash through buying, fixing, and re-selling properties.

* However, if you don’t know how to undertake fix-it projects, you’ll need to hire a reputable company to do the work in the properties you plan to flip. Doing so means you’ll have to pay for labor (in addition to building supplies) to get the property in a salable condition, which will decrease your profit margin.

5. Pay as little as possible for the purchase of the property. This allows you more leeway in how much you can spend to remodel or update the property.

6. Vacation locations sell well. If you purchase property near a popular vacation destination, you’re efforts to flip the property have a greater chance for success. People are attracted to lower cost vacation homes in vacation communities. You can take advantage of location for flipping houses, condos or duplexes.

7. Know the real estate market in the area where you plan to flip a property. There are times to get in to the flipping business and times to hold off.

* If nobody’s buying homes or mortgage loans are hard to get, it may not be the best time to flip homes in your community.

* However, if for example, you can buy homes for $30,000 or $40,000, put another $10,000 to $20,000 in them to get them up to speed, and then sell those homes for $80,000 or more, you’ll make excellent profits from your efforts.

Yes, you can still turn a profit from flipping homes. If you know your local real estate market and you have the cash, skill, and know-how, you’ll be successful when it comes to buying and selling properties for profit.