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Luxury-Real-Estate-Houses-Land-and-Commercial-Property-Sold-By-Utopia-Concierge-and-Realty-Services-in-Boquete-Panama. Luxury home with swimming pool

How to Calculate ROI for Real Estate Investments

ROI or Return on Investment is a term to describe how much you profit from an investment. It is the percentage of money made on an investment after all the costs associated with that investment are subtracted. So, if you invested $10 and earned $1, your ROI would be 10%, assuming you get your original…
Meet Vernon Kruger - Ask An Expat Series - With Dallas Kruger of Utopia Concierge and Realty Services Boquete Panama

Meet Vernon Kruger, CFO and Co Founder – “Ask An Expat”

Today we’ll let Dr Vernon Kruger introduce himself, and explain why he’s decided to make amazing Panama his home. If you, like Dr Vernon, are thinking of retiring, then you should SERIOUSLY consider coming to Panama in Central America! Let Leslie King and Dallas Kruger show you why a trip to Panama is sooo-oo…
PA Search 5 Avatar image Love Adventure? Come to Panama! - with Utopia Concierge and Realty Services in Panama

Love Adventure? Come to Panama!

How do you like your adventure? Mixed with cloud-clad mountains? Rushing rivers? Rainforests? Or Blue Caribbean seas? You don’t need to choose if you come to Panama. You can enjoy ALL of them! Utopia Concierge and Realty Services can help you choose your tours and activities for your stay in Panama.