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Top Fixes to Increase the Value of Your Home

The value of your home is a crucial part of your overall investment portfolio. Although homeowners often think of it separately, your house is a huge investment that affects multiple financial areas of your life.

The value of a house can be affected by many factors during a sale.

These fixes can increase that value:

  • Get rid of the clutter. Cleaning the inside and outside of your home is an easy way to start the process. Clutter scares away potential home buyers and affects how your home is appraised. You’re not auditioning for a hoarder reality show, so you’ll want to make your home clean and inviting.

* One of the key elements of reducing clutter is to make the home appear sale-ready.

* You may want to consider a consulting service that offers cleaning homes specifically to increase their value.

  • Kitchen updates. The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home, and buyers pay a lot of attention to it during their inspections. Always, always clean your kitchen before showing your home to potential buyers.

* How old are your appliances? Have you polished and cleaned all of the visible surfaces? You may want to consider getting new appliances if yours are extremely outdated.

* Consider other fixes such as painting the walls or changing the floors to add value.

  • Bathroom updates. After the kitchen, the bathroom is often the next room that needs an update.

* Get rid of mold and mildew.

* Add a new shower curtain and rings to freshen up the space.

* Consider investing in some fresh plants to decorate the sink area.

* New fixtures on your sinks and bathtub can also add an instant facelift to the room.

* New door handles can also brighten the area and inexpensively increase the home’s value.

  • Clean the yard and add landscaping. How does your yard look to a potential buyer? Is it filled with leaves from last fall and piles of kids’ toys? It’s time to clean up the mess to make the value of your home greater.

* A nice yard with cut grass is only the first part of the process. Landscaping can go beyond the usual shrubs and trees. Include some flowers for extra beauty.

  • Search for minor repairs that can cost you in the long-term. Minor repairs are easy to do and can prevent major issues.

* If your house needs multiple small repairs, it gives the impression that you haven’t maintained the property. Buyers often wonder what else you haven’t taken care of besides what they see. Most often, they’ll simply look elsewhere to buy.

* Do you have a leaky faucet? Does one of your doors always creak? Fixing these things and other issues around the house can add instant value.

* Minor repairs can turn into major challenges if they’re not handled quickly. The leaky faucet can cause a flood that leads to mold growth. This is why it’s essential to make repairs right away.

* Small cosmetic house issues like the paint not matching or door handles being loose also need to be addressed. Little things that annoy you may also annoy others. They are easy to handle and buyers will notice the care you put into your house.

The value of your home depends on the appearance and status of repairs. To get the most money for your house, clean vigorously, take care of repairs, and update where needed.